At MUNIvers, our purpose goes beyond providing solutions; we want to revolutionise how public services are delivered and experienced.

Our goal is to make an indelible impact on communities by ensuring that technology serves as a bridge, rather than a barrier, to accessing public services.

Our team is the heartbeat of MUNIvers. Comprised of visionaries, technologists, and innovators, we share a common goal – to drive positive change through technology. With expertise that spans across digital transformation, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity, our team is equipped to tackle the unique challenges faced by local governments. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, challenging the status quo and striving to redefine what’s possible.

At the core of our solutions is a deep commitment to improving the lives of the people who depend on public services. From enhancing operational efficiencies to ensuring citizen-service accessibility, our suite of solutions is designed to meet the evolving needs of the public sector. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we deliver customised, scalable, and sustainable solutions that drive efficiency, improve service delivery, and foster innovation.

Join us on this transformative journey. With MUNIvers, you’re not just adopting technology; you’re investing in a future where public services are seamless, efficient, and accessible. Together, we can create a smarter, more connected public sector that is prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Connected communities start here!

John Catarinich, Agilyx Founder and CEO
John Catarinich

CEO and Founder

With over 20 years of leadership at Agilyx Group, John drives business transformation at MUNIvers through a cloud-first approach. His commitment to innovation and dedication to public service reflect his unique blend of business acumen and civic responsibility, making him a true change maker.

Chris Develin, Agilyx Founder and Chief Solution Architect
Chris Develin

Chief Architect and Founder

With over twenty years of experience, Agilyx co-founder Chris Develin excels in designing and implementing ERP systems, with a particular focus on service-oriented solutions. His global projects span public service sectors like health, regulation, and local government alike.

Shelley Zapp, President North America
Shelley Zapp

President of North America

A seasoned IT leader with over 30 years of experience, Shelley drives growth and innovation by leveraging her expertise in enterprise software and understanding of local government needs. Her strategic approach focuses on modern, citizen-centric solutions that are intuitive and user-friendly.

Jack Murray, Global Director of Development
Jack Murray

Global Director of Development

With over two decades of experience in the IM/IT sector, Jack brings leadership and expertise to MUNIvers, driving strategic planning and project management. While overseeing product development from test to production, Jack guides international teams across the globe.

Philip Pepper

Chief Revenue Officer

Driven to win, Philip is a modern sales leader and trusted advisor who prioritises innovation and customer-centricity by continuously pushing boundaries, fostering a culture of creativity, and relentlessly pursuing customer satisfaction through personalised solutions and exceptional service.

Lara Fisher

Director of Projects

Lara is an innovative leader deeply committed to both technological advancement and community engagement. She leverages her extensive experience in project management and professional services to inspire and mentor teams of all sizes while fostering team collaboration and community involvement.

Jason Matthews, Global Product Manager
Jason Matthews

Global Product Manager

With over two decades of experience, Jason’s expertise lies in transforming interactions between local governments and their communities through innovative software. His expertise in delivering efficient citizen-centric services is demonstrated through solutions like MUNIvers— with the goal of simplifying property tax collection and utility billing.

Tim Buric, Chief of Technology
Tim Buric

Chief Technology Officer

With over twenty years of experience in technology delivery, Tim has pioneered projects in both private and public sectors. As head of IT, Support, and Development Services at both Agilyx and MUNIvers, his commitment to understanding and meeting local government requirements ensures tailored solutions that make a difference in the public sector.

Matthew Pritchard, VP of APAC & Operations
Matthew Pritchard

VP, Global Operations and Asia-Pacific

Matthew leads MUNIvers’s operations, adeptly managing a multifaceted landscape of regulatory demands and corporate functions. His expertise in collaborating with local governments globally drives transformative change, fueling business growth and product expansion with relentless determination.

Jessica Pritchard, Global Head of People & Culture
Jessica Pritchard

Global People & Culture Manager

A dynamic leader in strategic planning and people management, Jessica blends HR practices with a background in Commercial Law and Human Resources from the University of Wellington. Her commitment to driving team success and executing strategic plans distinguishes her leadership in both public and private sectors.

Aroha Kareroa, Global Marketing Manager
Aroha Kareroa

Global Head of Marketing

Aroha’s visionary leadership and market expertise have driven the success of MUNIvers, ensuring that its solutions resonate with the needs of diverse global markets. Her marketing strategies have ensured that the MUNIvers suite is built for the unique needs of municipal government across the globe.

Terence Wood, Global Director of Delivery
Terence Wood

Global Director of Delivery

A distinguished leader in ICT with over 15 years of experience across various sectors, Terence pioneers the adoption of geospatial solutions to transform local government services. His commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in ERP systems and geospatial data drive business success and societal progress.

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