From Humble Beginnings

We started our journey over 20 years ago with a simple, yet powerful vision in mind— to empower local and municipal governments to best serve their citizens and communities. Alongside the numerous partnerships (and friendships) we’d formed with these municipalities, cities, and towns across the globe, we saw firsthand the struggles they faced with outdated, inadequate systems that weren’t designed for the unique needs and demands of municipal administration. The challenges were clear— laborious manual procedures, fragmented data, disjointed decision-making, and delays in service delivery.

We realized that these were not just isolated issues, but symptoms of a larger problem. These existing systems and vendors just didn’t view citizens as valued customers who deserved efficient, seamless services. Instead, they were regarded as mere bill-payers, a mindset that had heavily influenced the design and functionality of these systems.

This revelation sparked a fire within us to create a solution that would disrupt this narrative and forever change not only the industry— but the lives of public servants and the communities they serve.

To the MUNIvers— and beyond! Stay tuned for what lies ahead.

Our People

At MUNIvers, we prioritize the human element in property tax, utility billing, and citizen engagement, ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders involved. Allow us to introduce some of the individuals behind our commitment to excellence in these areas.

Chris Develin, Agilyx Founder and Chief Solution Architect
Chris Develin

Founder and Chief Architect

Discover how Agilyx co-founder Chris Develin’s two-decade expertise in crafting service-oriented ERP systems, with a keen focus on local government intricacies, revolutionizes public sectors globally.

John Catarinich, Agilyx Founder and CEO
John Catarinich

Founder and CEO

Discover how Agilyx Group’s seasoned leader, with over two decades of experience, propels global business transformation through a cloud-first approach, blending innovation and public service ethos to become a true change maker.

Shelley Zapp, President North America
Shelley Zapp

President of North America

Explore how a seasoned IT leader, boasting over 30 years of expertise, pioneers growth and innovation in Agilyx and MUNIvers solutions, crafting modern, citizen-centric solutions tailored to both public needs and back-end users.

Jason Matthews, Global Product Manager
Jason Matthews

Global Product Manager

Jason Matthews, with over two decades of experience, spearheads customer-oriented solutions, revolutionizing Canadian public sector technology and aligning perfectly with our product ethos.

Jack Murray, Global Director of Development
Jack Murray

Global Director of Development

Explore how Jack Murray, leveraging two decades of IM/IT sector expertise, leads MUNIvers with exemplary leadership, driving strategic planning and project management amid the intricacies of global local government challenges.

Tim Buric, Chief of Technology
Tim Buric

Chief Technology Officer

Explore how our experienced leader, with over two decades in technology delivery, spearheads tailored solutions for local government needs at Agilyx and MUNIvers, ensuring impactful results in the public sector.

Matthew Pritchard, VP of APAC & Operations
Matthew Pritchard

VP, Global Operations and Asia-Pacific

Matthew leads MUNIvers’s operations, skillfully navigating regulatory demands and corporate functions, while his global collaboration with local governments fuels transformative change, propelling business growth and product expansion with unwavering determination.

Terence Wood, Global Director of Delivery
Terence Wood

Global Director of Delivery

With over 15 years of ICT leadership across sectors, he pioneers geospatial solutions to enhance local government services, leveraging expertise in ERP systems and geospatial data to drive business success and societal progress as MUNIvers’s Global Director of Delivery.

Aroha Kareroa, Global Marketing Manager
Aroha Kareroa

Global Head of Marketing

Aroha’s visionary leadership and market expertise propel MUNIvers’s success, intertwining public policy, city planning, and community engagement into marketing strategies that resonate globally, reflecting market needs and aspirations, and driving the company to new heights.

Jessica Pritchard, Global Head of People & Culture
Jessica Pritchard

Global People & Culture Manager

A dynamic leader with expertise in law and HR, adeptly bridges disciplines to drive team success and execute strategic plans, achieving outstanding outcomes in public and private sectors.


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