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The Story of MUNIvers

Agilyx Group embarked on a journey with a simple, yet powerful vision— to transform the way local governments operate and engage with their citizens. This vision was born from 20 years of local government expertise, and the numerous partnerships (and friendships) we’d formed with municipalities, cities, and towns across the globe. We saw firsthand the struggles they faced with outdated, inadequate systems that weren’t designed for the unique needs and demands of municipal administration. The challenges were clear— laborious manual procedures, fragmented data, disjointed decision-making, and delays in service delivery.

We realised that these were not just isolated issues, but symptoms of a larger problem. The existing systems just didn’t view citizens as valued customers who deserved efficient, seamless services. Instead, they were regarded as mere bill-payers, a mindset that heavily influenced the design and functionality of these systems. This revelation sparked a fire within us to create a solution that would disrupt this narrative and forever change the GovTech landscape.

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Recognising the potential of Salesforce’s robust capabilities, we decided to leverage its power to create a transformative solution— MUNIvers. The journey wasn’t easy. It involved long hours of brainstorming, countless iterations, and overcoming numerous hurdles. But we were fuelled by the belief that we could make a difference in the lives of citizens and public servants across the country.

Today, MUNIvers is a testament to that belief. It’s a state-of-the-art municipal solution that not only addresses the unique requirements of local governments, but reimagines the relationship between municipalities and the people they serve. Our journey so far has been filled with moments of challenge, learning, and immense reward. We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to create such impactful change. And while we celebrate this milestone, we know our journey is far from over. The road to digital transformation is ongoing, and we are excited about the many possibilities that lie ahead. We continue to innovate, optimise, and evolve, all with an unwavering commitment to empowering local governments and serving citizens better.

Stay tuned, because the story has just begun. To the MUNIvers— and beyond!

Meet Our Team

The Stars of the Show

At MUNIvers, we work tirelessly to revolutionise public sector technology. We’re not just clocking in and out, we’re pouring our hearts and minds into creating solutions that truly make a difference. We don’t just face challenges—we welcome them, overcome them, and triumph over them because that’s the MUNIvers way—bold, stylish, and always with a clear vision of the future. So meet our team and join us as we continue to redefine the conventional, exceed expectations, and reshape the municipal landscape with one innovative solution at a time.

Chris Develin, Agilyx Founder and Chief Solution Architect
Chris Develin – Founder and Chief Architect

With more than two decades of expertise and unrivalled passion, Agilyx co-founder Chris Develin has etched a mark in the sphere of ERP system design and implementation, specialising in service and people-centric solutions. His repertoire of projects is dotted across the globe, with experience in the realm of public service across health, regulation, and municipal sectors. A seasoned architect of business solutions, his achievements include the localisation of payroll applications and the implementation of robust payroll solutions for high-profile entities. His understanding of local government nuances, coupled with his ability to deliver bespoke solutions, has seen him steer significant organisations, such as a Canadian public sector healthcare entity with over 20,000 employees and an Australian public company in the labour-hire industry with over 15,000 employees. With over 20 years of dedication to Agilyx, Chris’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to driving impactful business benefits in both private and public sector alike.

John Catarinich, Agilyx Founder and CEO
John Catarinich – Founder and CEO

For over 20 years, John Catarinich has showcased leadership and vision as the Co-Founder and CEO of Agilyx Group. His passion for business transformation shines through in his cloud-first methodology, catapulting the firm to global eminence in a highly competitive industry. John’s innovative spirit took flight with the inception of MUNIvers, Agilyx’s first in-house built stand-alone solution. John’s dedication to public service is reflected in his fervent commitment to local government, where he’s driven to enact meaningful change in a traditionally stagnant industry. John’s persistent quest for excellence, complimented by his dedication to community service, exemplifies his unique blend of business savvy and civic responsibility, marking him as a true change maker for MUNIvers and beyond.

Jack Murray, Global Director of Development
Jack Murray – Global Director of Development 

With a rewarding career spanning two decades in the IM/IT sector, Jack Murray is a beacon of knowledge and leadership at MUNIvers. His tenure in local government and the public sector is marked by an exemplary record of planning, strategy, project management, and business and technical analysis. As Global Director of Development, Jack leads a diverse, international team, expertly navigating the challenges and complexities of these unique environments. His commitment to driving innovation is reflected in his successful project track record, particularly during his time at the BC Assessment Authority where he not only directed a large team, but maintained and managed the development of the Authority’s Enterprise Architecture. Jack’s dedication, expertise and deep understanding of the municipal government sphere continues to deliver value and foster innovation at MUNIvers. 

Shelley Zapp, President North America
Shelley Zapp – President of North America 

Shelley is an exceptional leader with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. She has been instrumental in driving growth and innovation across for both the Agilyx and MUNIvers suites of solutions with a deep understanding of enterprise software, software delivery and the unique needs of local governments. Shelley excels at delivering practical solutions with strategies that are modern, citizen-centric, and user-friendly for both citizens and back-end users. During her tenure as the President of Agilyx North America, she championed the expansion of the Agilyx into the continent, a testament to her pioneering mindset and strategic business acumen. Prior to Agilyx, her role as CEO of Unit4 North America was marked by substantial organisational growth, with a focus on transitioning the company’s product direction to a SaaS business model.

Jason Matthews, Global Product Manager
Jason Matthews – Global Product Manager 

In a career spanning more than two decades, Jason Matthews has forged a path in the realm of public sector technology across Canada. Notable for his strategic vision and devotion to customer-oriented solutions, Jason has been instrumental in revolutionising interactions between local governments and their communities. With years of experience delivering efficient citizen-centric services, his expertise perfectly aligns with our solution roadmap and product ethos in the public sector. From simplifying property tax collection to designing world-class utility billing systems, Jason is committed to creating streamlined solutions for complex problems. His profound understanding of local government nuances and his expertise in creating bespoke solutions make Jason the driving force behind the direction of MUNIvers’s innovative suite of solutions. 

Tim Buric, Chief of Technology
Tim Buric – CTO  

Tim Buric boasts over two decades of experience in spearheading technology delivery in the diverse environments of both the private and public sector. In the Australian public sector space, he is credited in pioneering the technical infrastructure design for the Department of Education Queensland, catering to a massive user base of over 30,000. Tim’s presence has been instrumental in charting the technological route for both Agilyx and MUNIvers, with him at the helm of the IT, Support, and Development Services departments. His prowess in understanding local government requirements, coupled with his knack for delivering tailored solutions, underscores his steadfast commitment to making a difference in the public sector. An advocate for excellence and innovation, Tim’s ethos aligns seamlessly with MUNIvers’s objectives and future product innovation.

Jessica Pritchard, Global Head of People & Culture
Jessica Pritchard – Global People & Culture Manager 

Jessica is a dynamic leader of strategic planning and people management. Her contributions span various domains, including change management, performance management, safety system management, and cultivating robust business cultures. With foundations rooted in Commercial Law and Human Resources from the University of Wellington, Jessica’s career journey has led her to the intersection of both law and evolving HR practices. Her leadership continues to be instrumental in driving business success through people management in both the public and private sectors. Jessica’s unwavering commitment to driving team success and executing strategic plans for outstanding business outcomes truly sets her apart. 

Terence Wood, Global Director of Delivery
Terence Wood – Global Director of Delivery 

Terence Wood is a distinguished leader in the realm of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with more than 15 years of experience in various sectors, including the public sector, utilities, and telecommunications. He has stood at the forefront of utilising technology to transform local government services, pioneering the adoption of geospatial solutions to facilitate efficient spatial data management. With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, Terence has proven his mastery in delivering quality solutions that surpass customers’ expectations. His extensive work with ERP systems and geospatial data underlines his passion for leveraging technology to drive business success and societal progress. As the Global Director of Delivery at MUNIvers, Terence continues to lead with humility, integrity, and a deep-seated dedication to fostering collaborative relationships while delivering optimal outcomes for customers.

Aroha Kareroa, Global Marketing Manager
Aroha Kareroa – Global Head of Marketing

Aroha’s vision and deep understanding of market dynamics have brought MUNIvers to fruition. Expertly managing cross-functional teams across continents, she ensures that our solutions align in functionality and philosophy with their respective markets. Her ingenuity in intertwining public policy, city planning, and community engagement into marketing strategies has given rise to campaigns that truly reflect the needs of the market and aspirations of MUNIvers. Aroha’s unique talent for transforming market insights into dynamic strategies has been a foundational pillar in guiding MUNIvers to new heights.

Matthew Pritchard, VP of APAC & Operations
Matthew Pritchard – VP, Global Operations and Asia-Pacific

Spearheading MUNIvers’s operations, Matthew navigates the complex labyrinth of a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry laden with legislative requirements and legal hoops. He orchestrates a broad scope of corporate operations, ranging from corporate finance to health and safety, and from legal compliance to information security— truly showcasing his diverse skillset and dynamic leadership style. His unique experience collaborating with local governments across numerous countries has led him to lead from the intersection of technology and public services. Matthew is a pioneer of transformative change, fuelling our business growth and product expansion with relentless determination.

Transforming municipal government with powerful revenue management solutions to better connect, engage and serve citizens.

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