MUNIvers on the Road: Spreading the Word

Last week was a busy week for conferences, with the Agilyx and MUNIvers teams attending GFOA BC, GFOA Alberta, and MISA Ontario. With overlapping dates, there was considerable coordination and effort required to make this all happen and I’m very proud that we were able to pull this off without any hiccups. That all said, the effort was worth it. These three markets are all very important for MUNIvers, and this was a great opportunity to get the word out.


I was privileged to attend GFOA BC in Kamloops with my colleague Clarence Grey. The response to MUNIvers continues to be fantastic, with a lot of excitement about a new solution entering the market. Our booth was well attended, and I enjoyed meeting people from many different municipalities and discussing their needs and pain points. Property taxes and utilities are the primary sources of municipal revenue, so a finance-centric audience was certainly a great fit.

When talking to attendees about their current systems, lack of innovation, security, and sub-standard vendor support were the most common concerns. People wanted something new…and better!

Since we didn’t have time to give each person a personalised software demo, we instead set up a MUNIvers demo webinar for July 10 (2-3pm PDT) so that people could watch (and ask questions) on their own time after the event.

Interested in joining, too? There’s still time. Click here to register!

GFOA Alberta

The GFOA Alberta conference in Edmonton was another fantastic event for us. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with finance professionals from various municipalities across the province. The participants were eager to explore new financial management technologies that could enhance their operational efficiency and transparency.

During my conversations, many attendees voiced similar concerns regarding outdated systems and the need for more robust security measures. Our discussions highlighted the importance of adopting innovative solutions to address these challenges. The feedback about MUNIvers was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing interest in learning more about our platform and the benefits it can provide.

MISA Ontario

Lastly, we attended the MISA Ontario conference in Niagara Falls, which brought together an impressive array of municipal IT professionals in the province. The focus on information systems and cybersecurity made it an ideal event to showcase the technological capabilities of MUNIvers. Our booth was busy with CIOs, IT directors, and cybersecurity specialists keen to discover how they could modernise their municipalities’ IT infrastructure. This was our first event to launch MUNIvers in Ontario— and it was a resounding success!

Data management, digital transformation, and the adoption of emerging technologies were prevalent topics during the conference. The response to MUNIvers was very encouraging, with attendees particularly interested in our approach to enhancing data security and streamlining municipal IT operations. And, just like we thought, the Ontario municipal sector is ready for something new!

Attending GFOA BC, GFOA Alberta, and MISA Ontario provided invaluable opportunities for us to promote MUNIvers and engage with key stakeholders in the municipal sector. The enthusiastic reception we received at each conference reinforces our commitment to delivering innovative, secure, and efficient solutions tailored to the unique needs of municipalities. We look forward to building on these relationships and continuing to support local governments in their journey towards enhanced operational excellence.

Transforming municipal government with powerful revenue management solutions to better connect, engage and serve citizens.

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