Streamline your operations and manage complex utility billing processes

Discover the diverse features of our Utility Billing solution, from automated meter reading to customer self-service portals, aimed at optimising utility management. With seamless integration, customisable billing options, and advanced analytics, streamline operations and improve citizen satisfaction.

Key Features

Comprehensive Meter and Billing Management

Combine functionalities for shared meters, multiple meter associations, and hi/low flow compound meter heads to ensure precise consumption measurement and flexible account handling. Integrate techniques for both inflow and outflow meters, enabling accurate net consumption calculations for billing.

Advanced Billing Capabilities

Support off-cycle, tenant, and various utility services billing, streamlining the process for final bills, missed bills, and facilitating efficient management of accounts in arrears. Enable homeowner notifications to encourage timely payments and efficient arrears balance transfers to property tax accounts.

Efficient Reading and Monitoring Systems

Offer advanced solutions for meter readings, including checks for unusual consumption patterns and a seamless error/warning review process. Enhance accuracy with an integrated approach to managing re-reads, bill holdings, and meter maintenance.

Seamless 3rd-Party Integration

Benefit from two-way integration with 3rd-party meter reading and work order systems to facilitate final readings, meter maintenance, change-outs, and efficient data exchange, minimising manual effort and improving operational efficiency.

Utility Service Billing Support

Provide comprehensive support for billing a variety of utility services including water, sewer, stormwater, garbage, recycling, and organics/composting, accommodating diverse utility management needs.

Container and Inventory Management

Enable tracking and inventory management for refuse containers to ensure precise billing and optimimal logistics.

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