Jessica Pritchard, Global Head of People & Culture

A dynamic leader in strategic planning and people management, Jessica brings a unique blend of HR expertise and a background in Commercial Law and Human Resources from the University of Wellington. Her career is marked by a steadfast commitment to fostering team success and executing strategic initiatives across diverse sectors.

Jessica’s approach integrates HR best practices with a deep understanding of legal frameworks, enabling her to navigate complex organisational challenges with agility and insight.

Jessica’s leadership has made a significant impact in both public and private sectors, where she has consistently demonstrated her ability to align human capital strategies with overarching business goals. Her proactive stance in developing and nurturing talent underscores her dedication to building high-performing teams that drive organisational success. Jessica’s collaborative approach and strategic vision not only enhance employee engagement and retention but also position her as a catalyst for innovation and growth within the organisations she serves.

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At MUNIvers, we prioritise the human element in property tax, utility billing, and citizen engagement, ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders. Allow us to introduce some of the individuals behind our commitment to excellence.

Terence Wood, Global Director of Delivery
Terence Wood

Global Director of Delivery

With over 15 years of ICT leadership across nearly every sector, Terence has pioneered geospatial solutions to enhance local government services by leveraging his extensive expertise in ERP systems. He is passionate about driving success, not only for businesses, but for the people behind them.

Shelley Zapp, President North America
Shelley Zapp

President of North America

Explore how a seasoned IT leader, boasting over 30 years of expertise, pioneers growth and innovation in Agilyx and MUNIvers solutions, crafting modern, citizen-centric solutions tailored to both public needs and back-end users.

Jason Matthews, Global Product Manager
Jason Matthews

Global Product Manager

Jason Matthews, with over two decades of experience, spearheads customer-oriented solutions, revolutionizing Canadian public sector technology and aligning perfectly with our product ethos.

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